Politics and Activism

Daniel Jonas

Daniel Jonas is the chairperson of ‘Havruta – Religious Gay Man,’ a gay Jewish-observant organization in Israel.

Daniel was born and raised in Jerusalem. An observant Jew, married to Uri, Daniel holds an MA degree in Jewish History from Hebrew University. His MA thesis was about the homoerotic aspects of the Sabbatean theology.

Jonas first became motivated to volunteer and help his fellow closeted women and men following the murderous attack at the Bar-Noar (gay youth club) in Tel-Aviv in August 2009. He joined the board of Havruta, first as spokesperson and for the past years as chairperson.

Today he works at ‘Bimkom – Planners for Planning Rights’ as spokesperson, and he’s becaming more involved in local Jerusalemite politics and culture, running in the Meretz primaries for the elections to the city council and as ‘Yeru-Shalem – the Coalition for an Inclusive Jerusalem’ coordinator.


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