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Daniel Jonas is Building Bridges Between LGBT and Orthodox Communities

After growing up as a gay man and an Orthodox Jew, Daniel Jonas is working to find a way to build bridges between those two communities.

Israeli ambassador Nimrod Barkan, Daniel Jonas, and Mayor Jim Watson. Jonas, who runs an organization which provides support for LGBT teens in the Orthodox Jewish community, met with Watson over the weekend. (Photo by Phil Renaud/City of Ottawa)

Daniel Jonas knew from a young age that he was gay—though for a long time he didn’t know what that meant, or what it was; he simply felt like something was wrong with him. His sexuality, this fundamental thing about himself that he was only beginning to identify, much less understand, was complicated by the other fundamental part of who he is: Jonas is an Orthodox Jew who grew up and lives in Israel.

“It was not an issue being spoken about whatsoever in Israeli society, especially not in religious society,” said Jonas. “When they started to speak about it, it was so far from my experience as a religious teenager that I felt it was very remote, very far, very strange.”

Jonas, who runs an organization called Havruta, which provides support to LGBT teens in the Orthodox Jewish community met with Mayor Jim Watson, as well as with Capital Pride, over the weekend, hoping to increase the cross-cultural communication and to focus on how groups can learn from one another. The two spoke in a private meeting for about half an hour on Friday.

As part of a trip to Canada to speak to a number of organizations, Jonas hopes not only to learn from Pride organizations in Canada, but to highlight the importance of finding spaces for religious LGBT people. He also said that he hoped that he would be able to learn to improve the relationship between LGBT groups and Jerusalem’s municipal government.

“We wish that the Jerusalem mayor would ever march,” said Jonas. “I hope that if, one day, he comes here for a visit or the mayor of Ottawa will come to Israel for a visit, he will push him—the Ottawa mayor will push the Jerusalem mayor—to show more support.” Continue reading on Metro News