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Dana International Meets Lebanese Fan: “Music Crosses Borders, Spreads Love”

Transgender superstar Dana International was surprised to meet a devoted fan from Lebanon, Daniel, who came to meet his idol.”I know that Dana’s personal story is something big,” Daniel said, “but she’s more than that, she’s a symbol of freedom, she’s a symbol of tolerance.”

During a big party held in London over the weekend, as part of the Israeli cultural festival TLV in LDN, designed to expose the British audience to Israeli culture, there was a live performance by Dana International. While singing the first song of her career, “Saida Sultana,” a fan came on stage and started singing with her. What the audience didn’t know is that the fan, in his thirties, was a Lebanese guy.

Daniel, who had lived with his family in Beirut, was exposed to Dana International twenty years ago, ever since she won the Eurovision Song Contest,even though he had to do it secretly. In recent years he moved to New York, and when he heard that Dana was performing in London, he got on a plane in order to realize a dream – to meet his favorite singer.

Thus, in an event that is part of an Israeli cultural festival organized by the Ministry for Strategic Affairs and aimed at fighting BDS and to market Israel in Britain in a positive light, an Israeli singer and Lebanese admirer met for a moving encounter – both on stage and personally behind the scenes: “This is my dream,” Daniel told the singer when they sat together, and then burst into tears. “For 20 years, I almost went to jail because I loved your music and everything you do, I don’t believe this is actually happening.

“I know that Dana’s personal story is something big but she’s more than that, she’s a symbol of freedom, she’s a symbol of tolerance all across the world and that is something everyone should be proud of,” Daniel told the Israeli reporter. “Music crosses borders and politicians and everything. And music is about peace and about love – spread love, not war, this is the message.”

Watch the moving meeting on Ynet by clicking the image below: