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“Cupcakes” Wins Best Comedy at LA Jewish Film Festival

The Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival announced this week that Israeli comedy musical “Cupcakes,” directed by Eytan Fox, has won Best Comedy at the 2014 Festival that occurred in the first week of May. “This makes me VERY happy!” said director Eytan Fox after hearing the news. Festival Executive Director, Hilary Helstein: “It leaves you with the same heartwarming feeling that ‘Priscilla, Queen of the Desert’ did.”

A113C010_120610_R1PY000059_cThe movie, that screened at the Festival on May 3rd as its LA premiere, grabbed the most votes for Audience Awards for Best Comedy, and was the only LGBT-themed movie to screen at the festival this year. “We welcome films that cover a diverse range of people,” Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival Executive Director Hilary Helstein told A Wider Bridge, “and we are always happy to include a film that includes LGBT characters. Above all, it is about the quality and the story that warrants a film being selected in the LAJFF line-up. “Cupcakes” is a delightful film that shows caring human beings, no matter their sexual orientation.”

Is this the first LGBT-themed movie to win an award?

“This is certainly not the first LGBT-themed film we’ve shown, but I’ll have to go back through the archives to see if any other has won. Again, the win for this film was because it was a lovely, heartwarming film about people supporting each other. It was about friendship and love (with great music and costumes!). It didn’t focus on each character’s sexual preference; rather it explored the challenges the characters were experiencing in their lives whether they were straight or gay.”

What type of crowd did “Cupcakes” attract?

“I would say it attracted our usual festival audience. And then some. It attracted many younger people, as well. In addition to it being an LGBT film, it was a lighthearted comedy and people flock to films like this. It leaves you with the same heartwarming feeling that ‘Priscilla, Queen of the Desert’ did.”

Have you contacted Eytan Fox after the win?

“Eytan Fox was thrilled to hear the news. His exact words were, “This makes me VERY happy! Send my love to all the people who do the festival with you.”

Check out the trailer for Cupcakes


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