Lesbian Couple Who Met In Prison Becomes A Family

Lesbian couple Liat and Sean Benishty met in prison when Sean served a 2-year sentence and Liat was a prison guard. The two appeared at the season premiere of the hit Israeli docu series Baby Boom, a show that tells stories from the delivery room.

Six years ago Sean Benishty, 30, learned that her former girlfriend was dating singer Shorty. Out of control she was seized by a fit of jealousy and stabbed the singer in the stomach.

Benishty was charged with aggravated assault and was sentenced to two years at Neve Tirtza prison.

In prison she met Liat, who worked in the prison, and the two clicked. They say that they were communicating with glances but didn’t do anything that was forbidden by law.

“She sent me little messages and I understood she was into this,” Sean says. “Prison is a very lonely place, and when there’s someone who you can talk to and have some sort of an experience with; the fact that I was interesting to her also, I felt I had a warm place there. We started talking and laughing. There was an instant chemistry. I understood it immediately.”

As they started to get closer, Liat resigned from her job at the prison and went on with life. After her release, Sean made contact with Liat and since then they’ve been together.

In the season premiere of the hit TV series Baby Boom on Israel’s Channel 10, the couple were documented as they arrived in the delivery room and brought into the world their first daughter, Miley.