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Congratulations Shana!

Shana Cohen was among the first group of  A Wider Bridge community members who took our incredible and unforgettable trip to Israel. This week, she became engaged to her girlfriend, and wrote a very touching post on our Official Facebook page, that speaks for itself. And so she writes:

“I am so incredibly blessed and overwhelmed with joy to receive so many mazels, warm wishes, and love congratulating me and Becca Gee on our engagement. We are very lucky to have found each other.

In 2011, I went on an LGBTQ trip to Israel with A Wider Bridge, Keshet, and Nehirim. They took the group to the Kotel (Western Wall), and I had a deeply spiritual and tear-filled experience with G-D as I prayed for my life to be filled with love and friendship and asked G-D for a life partner. Someone who would love me, cherish me, and let me love them back.

“Okay, so I know it sounds super cheesy but that moment at the Kotel gave me so much hope that I would finally meet someone. I think one of my biggest fears in life was being alone. The LGBTQ Trip was so meaningful to me and I am still so grateful to have had that opportunity.

“It wasn’t even two months after I had returned from Israel that Becca Gee walked into my life. This super handsome and smart lady was introduced to me through a mutual friend, Fernando Rodriguez, at a house party and we had so much in common. We both are DJ’s! We both have degrees in the helping professions and it was seriously love at first sight! It’s been about a year and a half and this weekend, Becca proposed to me. I’m engaged! I never thought I would be so happy.

Yesterday morning at 6 AM, Becca proposed to me overlooking the Mississippi River in a blizzard. She got down on both knees and asked me to be her family! Of course, I said yes.”

A Wider Bridge is happy to announce that our 2013 trip dates are finally here so you can mark your calendars.  Our next Jewish LGBT trip to Israel will be on October 30-November 9, 2013.  To receive all the updates and further details about enrollment and grant opportunity, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or come back and check our A Wider Bridge Israel Trips section.

Congratulations on your engagement, Shana!


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