Building Bridges: Community Outreach and Education

Prior to socially distancing and safety precautions we are all taking due to the COVID-19 pandemic, A Wider BRidge would go into communities from college campuses to community centers across the country to discuss our work and issues affecting the LGBTQ, Jewish, and Israel advocacy communities. Since the pandemic, we have launched the Building Bridges, which is a series of online programs  to connect our communities– over distance. These programs span from interactive educational workshops about the LGBTQ commnity to  insightful speakers and programs designed to highlight the humanity, similarities, differences, strengths and challenges of LGBTQ life in Israel compared to North America

To date, hundreds of individuals from across AWB’s wide tent have participated in at least one of our Building Bridges programs during the pandemic. Tens of thousands more have watched the programs on Facebook through recordings or livestreams.  We hope you’ll join us! Let us know if you would like to partner with us or host your own Building Bridges program!