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Closeted Lesbian Teen Writes

It’s hard to be in the closet and deal with the environment; it’s difficult to deal with the security situation during the last month, and sometimes you need a place to unload. Yarden, a student at IGY Tel Aviv, encourages you to try to write to deal with any situation.

In the past few days you can see it more than ever – people are looking for shelter, people are looking for a getaway in this entire crazy situation. Wars do not end with a missile rain on the cities surrounding Gaza or Tel Aviv.

I myself have received medals and pins and a million scars (all sexy of course) for the thousands of wars I fought in, the most difficult wars – wars against myself.
Everyone finds their own shelter in the end, a shelter that includes all the person’s definitions and lifestyle: gay, lesbian, transgender or bisexual…

My shelter is writing words. I choose to juggle my feelings, my deepest feelings, and unexpectedly it has helped me.

Some say courage is actually a result of great despair. Maybe so, but I think courage is a result of great people, those who fight valiantly not only with a rain of missiles on Tel Aviv, but who survive the most destructive wars with themselves, without a map or Waze, and who manage to find their place at the end, to find themselves and the true and pure pride in who they are.

So we exchanged war grenades with rainbow colored smoke grenades, our colors. In our army, we no longer fire guns, only love. Any chronic illness or prejudice or hatred will not kill us – because we have survived the worst war. We too once used to hate ourselves and to criticize ourselves, cut our own hearts and thought of death.

Our war against ourselves is like a fucking third world war, and it is our ongoing war on ourselves. So no other war can break us into pieces anymore.

Take love and truth as a weapon, and come on! Take the battle!