Children’s Idol Yedidia Vital Comes Out

Yedidia Vital, who was one of the most famous teen stars on Israeli TV, has now decided he doesn’t care what people think anymore, or what they’ll say. The star decided not to hide his love anymore, and came out, along with his supportive partner.

vital_yed_tipo_2bJust as Ivri Lider, Assi Azar and other celebrities did before him, Yedidia came out in a tell-all interview with the media, but before the interview was published he uploaded a picture with his partner to his personal Instagram.

On Wednesday Vital (30), uploaded a picture of himself and partner Erez Bernholz, taken on a joint trip to Turkey. The caption read, “My boyfriend. My love. Even if it’s just the two of us against the world.”

For friends of Vital this step is not particularly surprising, since the star never hid his sexuality from them and even talked about it openly. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before he told the whole world about his sexual orientation and presented his partner.