Not Everything Is as It Appears to Be: A Guided Discussion for Passover & International Transgender Day of Visibility

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Transgender Day of Visibility, March 31, 2018,  falls on the first day of Passover this year. Lawyer and Civil Rights advocate Seth Marnin collaborated with Rabbi Mike Moskowitz to bring you this guide, in hopes of bringing more trans inclusivity to your Seder.  The holiday of Passover invites us all to enhance our vision, especially […]

Jews Deserve to Be Included in Progressive Movements!

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Peter Fox, a member of A Wider Bridge’s Young Professionals Network, represented our organization at the #DigiTell18 Social Media Conference in Jerusalem. Leading up to the event, he penned an op ed piece in Israel’s  YNET about the inclusion of Jews in progressive movements. We bring you the piece below. Liberal movements have always been about inclusion […]

“I’m A Boy And These Are My Clothes”: A Purim Blog

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With Purim approaching, ultra-orthodox Rabbi Mike Moskowitz blogs about how we dress. He explains the importance of transgender Jews to wear clothing that most supports their gender identity in religious spaces. Photo courtesy of Jaime Azrad “Why are you wearing boy clothes?” This was a question posed by the principal of the Brandeis School, a community day […]

Transgender Peace Activist Converts to Judaism, Faces Anti-Semitism from Friends on the Left

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Trans peace activist Bex Gerber converted to Judaism and was surprised by the anti-semitic backlash from her fellow progressives. “As soon as I put on the Star of David, I was accused of supporting apartheid by my former friends on the left.” This is their story. Here’s what they don’t tell you when converting to […]

Chicago LGBTQ Leader Is Encouraged By Israel’s Blood Ban Reversal

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Julio Rodriguez, the Board President of the Association of Latino/as/x Motivating Action (ALMA), writes his strong support for Israel’s recent policy change to allow gay men to donate blood. As a Latinx gay man and AIDS activist that came out in Chicago during the height of the AIDS epidemic and saw many of my friends […]

Bay Area Lesbian Mizrahi leader Rachel Wahba calls out the NY Times for first omitting LGBTQ Israelis, and then Jews from Arab lands.

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A recent New York Times article on LGBT rights in the Middle East praised Lebanon, yet completely neglected Israel. Bay Area Mizrahi leader Rachel Wahba takes the Times to task. Seriously? Lebanon, not Israel, is the only country in the Middle East and North Africa with gay rights? What’s going on? Is this a basic […]

The New York Times Claimed that Lebanon is the Only Country in the Middle East with Gay Rights. They Forgot About Israel.

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Blogger Paul Gherkin takes the New York Times to task for ignoring Israel’s positive track record in advancing LGBTQ and Women’s Rights, especially in comparison to the surrounding countries. The New York Times has been advancing the notion that liberal values are popping up in the Middle East. Despite the actual murder and mayhem brought […]

A Wider Bridge Referenced in Top Stories to Watch in 2018

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In June, AWB’s Midwest Manager, Laurie Grauer along with two other women, were expelled from the Chicago Dyke March for carrying Jewish Pride Flags.  The Dyke March story is mentioned as part of prediction that intersectionality will be big in 2018. Intersectionality, perhaps more than any other facing the Jewish community, has the potential to isolate pro-Israel […]

Orthodox Rabbi’s Wife Returns from AWB/Olivia Mission: I Too Can Help Promote Change and Understanding

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Guila Rice, an Orthodox Rabbi’s Wife, recently returned from the AWB/Olivia 2017 Women’s Mission Trip to Israel. She shares her experiences and what she learned. Giula Rice with Olivia co-founder Rachel Wahba So picture me, an Orthodox Rabbi’s Wife along with a group of Lesbians. Would they accept me? Would I be made to feel […]