Martin Luther King Day Reminds Us the Road of Equality Isn’t Yet Done

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Martin Luther King Jr. Day, on Jan. 21 2019,  is a celebration of his life and a reminder that there’s still work to be done in this country for his dream to be fully realized. Besides Columbus Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day is the only federal holiday named after a person. That honor alone […]

A Place Where Being Jewish Isn’t a Source of Fear

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Professor Gabriel Gomez joined the 2018 AWB LGBTQ Leadership Mission to Israel. Upon returning, he penned this OpEd about his complex family history with Judaism. Despite being curious about Israel, because of some complex personal concerns, I’ve been wary to travel there because a visit could be construed as support for long-standing, Israeli government policies […]

Gay British Singer Marc Almond Talks About His (Not Tainted) Love for Israel

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Marc Almond, the gay British singer who’s responsible for  “Tainted Love,” one of the biggest songs of the 80’s, is coming to Israel again. In an exclusive interview with Israeli media he talked about not giving in to the pressure to skip Israel concerts (“Cultural boycotts punish the wrong people.”) and about his sexuality (“Publicists […]

First Time Marching in the Celebrate Israel Parade; Why You Should March Too

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Last year I went to the Celebrate Israel Parade for the first time as a spectator and watched with pride as prominent figures like Chuck Schumer and Bill de Blasio marched down 5th Avenue waving Israeli flags in solidarity with the Jewish community. This year, not only will I march, but I have the added […]

One Jew at a Time: Yes, You Can Be Progressive and Zionist

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My twenty-something Passover Seder guest didn’t know he could be exactly what he was: both Progressive and a Zionist. We have to do better with our young people. Arafat’s cunning lie, “Zionism is Racism,” is on steroids today, and our young people are being hurt. We live in a time of increasingly anti-Semitic responses to […]

Canadian Shares His Story of Being Openly Gay in the Israeli Army

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Shai DeLuca-Tamasi is a Canadian interior designer and media personality. Born and raised in Toronto, DeLuca-Tamasi moved to Israel after high school and served in the Israel Defense Forces. He’s an outspoken advocate for Israel and has partnered with the organization CAMERA on Campus, a non-profit whose mandate is to help students disseminate accurate information […]