First Time Marching in the Celebrate Israel Parade; Why You Should March Too

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Last year I went to the Celebrate Israel Parade for the first time as a spectator and watched with pride as prominent figures like Chuck Schumer and Bill de Blasio marched down 5th Avenue waving Israeli flags in solidarity with the Jewish community. This year, not only will I march, but I have the added […]

International Ambassador: Dana Reflects on Representing Israel as a Cultural Icon

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Walla! News suggests Dana International for the role of the Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs. In a festive video interview for Israel’s 70th Independence Day last week, veteran journalist Sagi Bin-Nun set down with Dana to reflect on 20 years since her grand Eurovision win with the song Diva. Since then, she has represented the […]

Niece of the Israeli President Comes Out: “I don’t have to hide anymore.”

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The weekend Edition of the Israeli website Mako published an extensive interview with Liat Rivlin, daughter of Eliezer Rivlin (Z”L), brother of the current President of Israel, Ruvi Rivlin. After both her parents died, Ruvi remained Liat’s closest family member, and she visits the President’s home frequently. In the fascinating interview Rivlin explains why she […]

What LGBT Identity Briefing Means to Me: AKA – Hang a flag, You Will Be Asked Questions

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Does a man who identifies as bisexual but is living with a woman considered part of the LGBT community? Lesbian Israeli activist Rotem Baruchin encountered a case of biphobia at her work place and writes about the importance of LGBT identity briefing: “when we hung flags, whether we want it or not, we invite comments, […]

The DJ, Producer and Performer Who Pioneered Israel’s LGBT Music Culture

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If one man links Israel’s pop music scene to the LGBT community’s emergence out of the closet, it’s the enigmatic Offer Nissim. Ha’aretz sheds light on one of the most intriguing and secretive figures in Israeli culture. “Offer Nissim embodies the story of the maturing of the LGBT community of Israel in general, both accompanying it and […]