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Director: Yair Hochner Year: 2008 Genre: Drama Language: Hebrew Runtime: 112 min Official Website STORYLINE In a light-hearted comedic fashion, Omer is miserable because he’s about to turn 30 and he hasn’t found love or his true purpose in life.  However, he’s not really looking very hard.  He prefers to lose himself among the stacks […]

Eyes Wide Open

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Director: Haim Tabakman Year: 2009 Genre: Drama Language: Hebrew Runtime: 93 min STORYLINE Aaron, a respected butcher and a family man in an Ultra-Orthodox Jewish neighborhood in Jerusalem, leads a conservative life of community devotion and spiritual dedication. Aaron’s life undergoes a series of emotional changes following the arrival of a young apprentice to his […]

Deep Red

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Director: Eddie Tapero Year: 2009 Genre: Short Language: Hebrew Runtime: 19min Official Website STORYLINE In this edgy short, Gur and Yuval will stop at nothing to make enough money for a fresh start in Berlin. As they approach their goal, the tension is growing between the two, until an unexpected event causes Gur to question […]

That’s Gila, That’s Me

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Director: Alon Weinstock Year: 2010 Genre: Documentary Language: Hebrew Runtime: 73min Official Website STORYLINE The fascinating life story of Gila Goldstein, one of the first Israeli transgender women and a Tel Aviv icon turned living legend. Gila was born as Avraham Goldstein in the 50’s in downtown Haifa. A soccer player in Maccabi Haifa in […]

Fucking Different Tel Aviv

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Directors: Yair Hochner, Avital Barak, Stephanie Abramovich, Galit Florentz, Elad Zakai, Eran Koblik Kedar, Ricardo Rojstaczer, Nir Ne’Eman, Hila Ben Baruch, Yossi Brauman, Sivan Levi, Eyal Bromberg, Anat Salomon, November Wanderin, Yasmin Max, Haga Ayad Year: 2008 Genre: Drama / Comedy Language: Hebrew Runtime: 95 min Official Website STORYLINE The third edition of the conceptual […]


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Director: Avigail Sperber Year: 2008 Genre: Drama Language: Hebrew Runtime: 50 min STORYLINE This is the story of a journey made by a young religious family: Yael, Yoni, and their three-year-old son Yiftach. Yoni, once a barely observant Jew, is now devoted to the passionately Hassidic Breslov tradition. His wife Yael has remained in a […]

Gender and Peace

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Director: Yasmine Novak Year: 2007 Genre: Short Language: Hebrew, English Runtime: 4:32 min STORYLINE A touching and vulnerable experimental short about the filmmaker’s partner’s imminent departure from Israel set against the backdrop of the Israel-Lebanon War taking place at the time. Features Tel Aviv Lesbian social entrepreneur Anat Nir, co-producer of the Lethal Lesbians Israeli […]

The Bubble

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Director: Eytan Fox Year: 2006 Genre: Drama Language: Hebrewת Arabic, English Runtime: 117 min. STORYLINE The movie follows a group of young friends in the city of Tel Aviv and is as much a love song to the city as it is an exploration of the claim that people in Tel Aviv are isolated from […]