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Director: Eytan Fox Year: 2012 Genre: Drama Language: Hebrew Runtime: 96 min Official Website STORYLINE Ten years after Yossi and Jagger, the tragic love story of two IDF officers serving in Lebanon, director Eytan Fox returns to find out what has happened with Yossi. Dr. Yossi Hoffman has become a valued and dedicated cardiologist, often […]

Adi Nes (Photographer)

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Adi Nes is one of Israel’s most famous photographers; his work is known for his use of homoeroticism and the challenging of traditional gender roles. His exhibits have been shown from Tel Aviv to San Diego. He is probably most notable for the series entitled ‘Soldiers’ which was criticized for its homoeroticism and usage of […]

The Queen Has No Crown

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Director: Tomer Heymann Year: 2011 Genre: Documentary Language: Hebrew, English Runtime: 82 min Official Website STORYLINE “The Queen Has No Crown” is Tomer Heymann’s poignant meditation on family, loss, and the mental maps of homelessness. The film navigates the intimate lives of 5 brothers and their mother, as they experience the pains of exile and […]

Gay Days

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Director: Yair Qedar Year: 2009 Genre: Documentary Language: Hebrew Runtime: 71 min Official Website STORYLINE Gay Days (Hazman Havarod) chronicles the evolution of the GLBT rights movement in Israel, from 1985 until 1998. It’s a personal story told through the eyes of Yair Qedar, the editor of the GLBT paper, The Pink Times. The film begins […]

Jerusalem is proud to present

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Director: Nitzan Giladi Year:2008 Genre: Documentary Language: Hebrew, English, Arabic Runtime: 82min STORYLINE The international World Pride event, planned for Jerusalem in 2006, is disrupted by orthodox Jews, evangelical Christians, and conservative Muslims, who are united by their dislike of LGBT events in the city they consider holy. The film  follows the lives of members […]