Ivri Lider

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BIOGRAPHY Ivri Lider is one of the most successful Israeli musicians of his generation, appreciated by fellow artists, critics, and the public alike. Through his lyrics, Ivri brings to life the thoughts and day-to-day encounters of a new generation of Israelis – a generation he calls “The New People.” Born on a Kibbutz in 1974, Ivri […]

Korin Allal

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BIOGRAPHY Korin Allal is one of Israel’s most famous and loved rock singers, a composer, musician and songwriter, whose career in Israel spans the late 1970s until today. Allal began playing guitar at the age of 10. In high school she played in various bands, writing songs and melodies, and during her military service she […]

Ohad Hitman

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BIOGRAPHY Ohad Hitman is a singer, songwriter, composer and musician in Israel. Hitman was born and raised in Tel Aviv. His father, Chaim, is the brother of famous singer, lyricist and composer Uzi Hitman and grandson of Cantor Abraham Hitman. Ohad’s connection to music began early, when at the age of eight he began playing […]

Offer Nissim

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BIOGRAPHY Offer Nissim is a famous Israeli producer and DJ who discovered the successful singers Dana International and Maya Siman-Tov. Nissim is not only a world’s gay community top favorite DJ, but also received professional acclaimed as he was ranked #29 at the top 100 best DJ’s in the world according to the popular magazine […]

Rona Kenan

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BIOGRAPHY Rona Kenan is a singer-song-writer and guitarist whose dark velvety voice, biting lyrics and striking presence have set the bar on what it means to be a female performer in Israel. She made her debut as a song-writer and performer at the age of 18, when she collaborated with musician Eran Tzur on a tribute […]

Yael Deckelbaum

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BIOGRAPHY Yael Deckelbaum (Songwriter and Vocalist ) was born in Jerusalem, Israel, in 1979 to an Israeli mother and a Canadian father. She grew up in a small village near the city. Her father, David Deckelbaum, a dentist and a banjo player, was a founding member of a folky, country, Celtic, good-time band, “The Jerusalem […]

Yehonathan Gatro

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BIOGRAPHY Yehonathan Gatro’s story is a classic version of the so familiar story of a popstar who was the dream of many teenage girls until he came out as gay. Now he’s making his way through America’s gay scene. Yehonathan’s debut album was released under the stage name Gatro, and was called “Medabrim Al Ze” […]

Yehudit Ravitz

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BIOGRAPHY Yehudit Ravitz is an Israeli singer-songwriter, composer and music producer. She is one of the most successful and famous Israeli rock musicians, with a career spanning over thirty years, and has made a large contribution to the culture of Israel and to the careers of young as well as veteran artists, including poets, songwriters, […]