Tamar Eizenman

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Tamar Eisenman is an Israeli-American singer-songwriter that regularly shatters stereotypes. She performed and worked with some of the biggest Israeli artists as a guitarist, a producer, a composer and a backup singer. Tamar Eisenman spent a part of her childhood in San Francisco with her family, and it was then that she introduced first to […]

Yehuda Poliker

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BIOGRAPHY Yehuda Poliker is an Israeli singer, songwriter, musician, and painter. Poliker was born in Kiryat Haim, a suburb of Haifa, to a Greek Jewish family, the son of Holocaust survivors deported to Auschwitz from Salonika, Greece. Poliker’s successful musical career started as a soloist and leader of the 80’s rock band ‘Benzin.’ The band […]


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BIOGRAPHY Michael Hirschmann, AKA  Mickiyagi, is an Israeli singer best known as the vocalist of the successful 80s band “Noar Shulaim”. Mickyiagi became famous as the frontman of “Noar Shulaim” which worked from 1986 to 1991. The band’s first album received massive media attention with the song “(Girl) Draw yourself a Mustache”, that implied a lesbian […]


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BIOGRAPHY Adam was born and raised in Acco under the name Haim Cohen. He attended “HaTomer” and “ Darksy” school, then moved to Haifa. He lived in Tel Aviv for about thirty years of his musical career, after which he returned to Haifa, where he lives today. Adam earned his exposure at the Eurovision contest […]

Amir Fryszer Guttman

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BIOGRAPHY Amir Fryszer Guttman (Amir Fay Guttman) is a singer and a personality, who was the lead singer of Israel’s biggest boyband of all time, Hi Five, in the late 1990s. Born Amir Fayger,  after his parents divorced he shortened his name from the original and added the name of his mother’s family, many of […]

Dana International

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BIOGRAPHY Sinead O’Connor said about her: she inspires me and gives me courage. Jean Paul Gaultier called her his muse and in 1998, she was on Time magazine’s Most Influential People in the World list. Dana International’s story is not only the story of a successful singer; it is a rare and inspiring story about […]

Dudu Yzhaki

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BIOGRAPHY David (Dudu) Yizhaki was born in 1980 in Ramat-Gan, Israel. Being the son of a music teacher, he began playing classical piano at the age of seven with his teacher, Nitza Abarbaya. Then at the age of 13 he started jazz and pop piano lessons with Illana Tzadok and wrote his first songs. After […]


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BIOGRAPHY Ellyott  is a DJ and the founder and leader of the band “Pollyanna Frank”. She wrote and performed songs relating to critical issues of sex, gender, chauvinism and feminism and criticized nationalism and militarism. Born as Sharon Ben Ezer, she adopted the name “Ellyott” in the late eighties, after it became her nickname because her […]

Harel Skaat

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BIOGRAPHY Harel Skaat was born in Kfar-Saba, Israel, and was only 5 years old when his kindergarten teacher noticed that he had a unique vocal ability. Harel was in the second year of his studies at “Beit Zvi” – the most famous Academy for the Performing Arts in Israel, when he joined the second season […]

Inbal Perlmuter

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BIOGRAPHY Inbal Perlmuter was an Israeli composer, musician, singer and lyricist, and a founding member of the all-girl rock band Ha-Mechashefot (“The Witches”). This iconic and controversial figure was a pioneer in the LGBT community, who didn’t compromise about who she was, and served as a living example for girls to come out of the […]