Freedom to Marry Founder Evan Wolfson Discusses Same-Sex Marriage Abroad

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A Wider Bridge 2017 LGBTQ Leadership Mission alumnus, Evan Wolfson, recently attended a conference in Costa Rica that focused on marriage rights for same-sex couples in Latin America. He says efforts to advance anti-LGBT religious freedom measures and litigation are “nothing new.” “It’s part of the classic pattern of civil rights advances in American history,” Evan […]

Leadership Mission Alum Evan Wolfson Attends Groundbreaking Same-Sex Marriage Conference in Latin America

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Activists from across the Western Hemisphere will gather in Costa Rica this week for the first of its kind conference that will focus on marriage rights for same-sex couples in Latin America. Included, will be A Wider Bridge LGBTQ Leadership Mission alumnus, 2017 Evan Wolfson. Evan Wolfson at Tel Aviv Gay Pride Evan Wolfson was founder […]

H. Alan Scott: Latter Day Jew Wants You to Hear His Story of Love and Conversion

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H. Alan Scott is a writer/comedian based in Los Angeles. He’s also an alum of the 2017 A Wider Bridge Leadership Mission to Israel. After a very long journey, Scott will have his Bar Mitzvah this Thursday, which will be filmed for the documentary “Latter Day Jew”. “I was raised Mormon, poor, in the Midwest; turned […]

The Man Who Brought Gay Marriage to the United States Turns His Sights to Israel

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In June, A Wider Bridge brought Evan Wolfson, founder and president of Freedom to Marry, the campaign that won marriage in the United States, to Israel. As part of the media coverage for his arrival, Wolfson gave an interview to Israeli paper Maariv. Read the interesting article. Evan Wolfson in Israel, 2017. (Photo: Ariel Besor) […]

Targeting LGBT And Tel Aviv Gay Pride Isn’t the Key to Israel-Palestine Peace

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H. Alan Scott spent the last week traveling all over Israel with A Wider Bridge and came back with one important takeaway: the Israeli-Palestinian conflict won’t be solved by using Israel’s LGBT community as a scapegoat for a political argument by a handful of groups demanding a boycott. H. Alan Scott in Jerusalem last week. I’m […]

2017 LGBTQ Mission to Israel: Highs and Lows

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Tuesday and Wednesday were a uniquely intellectual days for our LGBTQ Mission to Israel, where trip participants got to learn about the Palestinian territories, and LGBTQ life there. Tuesday morning started with a briefing with Miri Eisin about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Miri Eisin is a retired colonel of the Israeli Army with a background in […]