The Fight Continues for LGBT Equality

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Arlene Goldberg, founding member and board member of the Southwest Florida Harmony Chamber of Commerce, joined demonstrators from across the U.S. to participate in the annual Equality March in Washington, D.C: “This is personal for me. No one should experience the fear and anxiety [my late wife] Carol and I endured for so many years.” June […]

Rabbi Joseph Dweck ‘Steps Aside From Day-To-Day Activity’ of Sephardi Beth Din

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DEVELOPING STORY: Following criticism in Israel and the orthodox Jewish world Senior Sephardi leader Joseph Dweck takes backseat as he seeks to clarify his teachings. A row erupted three weeks ago after Dweck said the LGBT revolution had been a “fantastic” development for humanity but it’s since emerged that some senior rabbis have concern about […]

Reconstructing Religion: Philly Transgender Rabbi Redefining Roles in the Jewish Faith

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Transgender Rabbi Ari Lev Fornari was recently appointed head of Kol Tzedek, a small West Philadelphia Reconstructionist synagogue Hebrew is a gendered language; almost every noun is grammatically either masculine or feminine. This makes things interesting for Reconstructionist Judaism, a liberal movement within the religion. “So how do we wrestle with gender inclusion and trans […]

San Francisco: Meet Pride Parade’s 70-year-old Jewish Grand Marshal

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Psychotherapist and longtime LGBT activist, Marcy Adelman, was named the Life Achievement Grand Marshal by the San Francisco LGBT Pride Celebration and Parade board of directors, who called her a “pioneer in the field of lesbian and gay aging.” When thousands gather to watch San Francisco’s Pride Parade along Market Street on June 25, they’ll […]

Hundreds Back Rival Petitions in Rabbis’ ‘Gay Revolution’ Spat

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Dispute triggered by Rabbi Joseph Dweck’s comments about homosexuality draws international criticism, including from Israel’s Chief Sephardi leader Rabbi Joseph Dwek (left) and a poster promoting Rabbi Bassous’ response Hundreds of religious Jews have signed petitions both for and against Senior Sephardi Rabbi Joseph Dweck after he said the sexual revolution allowing acceptance of homosexuality […]

How Rabbis Are Trying To Make The Conservative Movement More Gay-Friendly

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While Conservative life is inclusive of LGBTQ people, it still places limits on their most intimate lives. Amichai Lau-Lavie and other Conservative rabbis believe those limits should be abandoned and are pushing for more change. The Jewish coming-of-age ceremony known as a bar mitzvah is always challenging. It happens at the awkward age of the early teen […]

Senior Rabbi in Bitter War of Words for Claiming ‘Gay Revolution is Fantastic’

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Orthodox leader unleashes extraordinary verbal assault on S&P Sephardi Community’s Joseph Dweck for his views on homosexuality An Orthodox rabbi has unleashed an extraordinary public attack against the head of the Spanish and Portuguese community for claiming “the homosexual revolution is a fantastic development for humanity”. Rabbi Aaron Bassous has openly criticised a lecture given […]

Rabbi Noah Kitty Talks Religion and LGBTQ

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Rabbi Noah Kitty, Executive Director of LGBTQ Congregation Etz Chaim, answers basic questions about LGBTQ and Judaism and talks about the growing acceptance of LGBTQ people: “the future of gay congregations is unclear.” Being Jewish while identifying as an LGBTQ person is a lot easier today, as more mainstream synagogues have become increasingly welcoming, but […]