State: Gay men, Ethiopian-born Israelis can donate blood

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Health Ministry relaxes rules to focus on donors’ individual sexual and travel histories, rather than banning donations based on sexual orientation or country of origin; Decision based on technological advances in testing, experience of other countries. The controversial policy that prevented Ethiopian-born Israelis, gay men, and older Israelis from donating blood will be abolished, the […]

Israel Still Rejects Ethiopian, Gay Blood Donors – Despite Recommendations

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Eighteen months after a Health Ministry panel recommending easing decades-old restrictions, the bans are still in place. Although 18 months have passed since a special Health Ministry panel proposed to change the criteria for blood donations so most Israelis of Ethiopian origin and gay men could donate blood, the recommendations have yet to be adopted […]

KALA Seeks A Queen

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Activist Ya’aqov Yamsa says that the LGBT Ethiopian-Israeli organization KALA is currently at a crossroads; KALA needs a new celebrity leader to shutter the prejudice wall of the Ethiopian community The LGBT Ethiopian-Israeli community was launched with great fanfare three years ago. With frequent social gatherings, collaborated with Israel Gay Youth Organization, KALA has become […]

A Wider Bridge announces first ever U.S. tour of LGBTQ Ethiopian Israeli leaders

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A Wider Bridge, the LGBTQ advocacy group building connections between the Israeli and North American LGBTQ communities, announced today a groundbreaking U.S. tour with leaders of the Ethiopian Israeli LGBTQ community. The U.S. tour, presented by A Wider Bridge, will introduce KALA (Hebrew abbreviation of Kehila Lahatavit Ethiopit translated to ‘LGBT Ethiopian Community’) to North […]