Meet Ofer Erez: The First Openly Trans Officer in the IDF

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Join A Wider Bridge to meet our newest grantee, Captain Ofer Erez,  October 10-25! Details “I was so nervous. I don’t remember anything from this talk.” That’s how the first openly transgender officer in the Israel Defense Forces, Lt. Ofer Erez, recalls the time three years ago when he was training to be an officer and told his […]

Celebration, Sorrow and Arrests at Annual Gay Pride March in Jerusalem

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“Bears,” Families with young children (including babies with “I love” stickers stuck onto their onesies) and other “experienced native priders” at Jerusalem Pride Parade. At Jerusalem’s Liberty Bell Park, a nine-acre green space created in 1976 in tribute to the American people, “bears” gathered around a flag of variegated earth tones stamped with a bear paw […]

Chief Rabbi Said Pride Is Bad For Jerusalem. 22,000 People Disagreed.

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Carol Kuruvilla, religion reporter of the Huffington Post summarizes the voices and the images from the 2017 Gay Pride Parade in Jerusalem Ahead of Jerusalem’s 16th annual pride parade on Thursday, Jerusalem’s Ashkenazi chief rabbi Aryeh Stern made it clear that he didn’t think such an event belonged in the ancient, holy city. Although Stern […]

Dana International: “My Jerusalem is Jerusalem of Love, Not of Hatred”

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Transgender Israeli superstar Dana International wrote a special column dedicated to Gay Pride in Jerusalem that took place yesterday: “How important it is for the world to see the march in Jerusalem. They will see the great light, and not the evil and fanaticism and hatred of a handful of its citizens who want to […]

Girls’ Soccer Team Named After Shira Banki Wins Championship

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On the evening of Jerusalem Day, following an intense game, Jerusalem’s Hapoel Shira Banki Katamon girls’ soccer team, named after the girl who was murdered at the Jerusalem Pride Parade in 2015, won Israeli girls soccer championship. In the final match, the team faced the soccer team of Bnot Sachnin, and eventualy won 5:4. Hapoel […]