Bisexual Men: “Straight Women Think We’re Not Real Men, Gay Men Think We’re in the Closet”

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In an attempt to let Israelis peek into the complicated life of bisexual men, journalist Michal Israeli interviewed Pablo Utin, Israeli Film Critics Association’s chairman, who is openly bisexual and who talked about some of the prejudice from within the LGT community and outside it. Pablo Utin “Bisexual people just started putting their foot in […]

“Tel Aviv’s Bisexual Pride Parade Inspires Me”

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Laya Monarez, Membership Outreach Coordinator of the Human Rights Campaign and a bi identified trans woman explains why she thinks a bisexual-themed pride is so important. This year, Tel Aviv’s pride celebration will be the world’s first ever bisexual-themed pride parade. Starting on June 9, more than 200,000 participants are expected to join the annual […]

Tel Aviv Pride Parade to be World’s first Bisexuality Themed Parade

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Tel Aviv LGBT Pride, one of the largest Pride events in the world, will highlight bisexual visibility this year with the first bisexuality-themed parade anywhere. The event is the largest Pride celebration in the Middle East and Asia and continues to push the boundaries of progressive ideas in arguably the most hostile region in the […]

Bisexual People Fight Negative Stigma

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While LGBT figures have in recent years gotten representation in the media, it seems that the bisexual identity, those who refuse to choose, is being marginalized and often evokes stereotypes and negative connotations. “Experimenting and confused”, “It doesn’t really exist”, “it will pass”. These are comments that reach the bisexual space, from the community and […]