Gay son and his mother speak at Tiberias pride about LGBTQ Acceptance

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Avichai Abarbanel, CEO of Havruta (Israel’s Religious Org for Gay Men), and his mom Hadassa Abarbanel speak about love and acceptance at this year’s Tiberias pride. “I’m here because I believe my family is real, that Avichai’s family and the one he will have is real. I’m here because I’m refusing to accept anyone cursing and harming my […]

Israel Presents An Alternative to Today’s Repressive Laws

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The repressive anti-abortion laws passed in Alabama and Missouri are an assault on reproductive rights in the US. Many of the people affected are low-income women of color who have historically been disenfranchised in our country. And while there was positive news with the passage of the Equality Act, a bill that extends civil rights […]

Anat Nir: Key Moments for Israel’s LGBTQ Communities

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For over 40 years, Israel’s LGBT* communities have waged some of the most effective fights for human and civil rights in Israel.  Israeli activist Anit Nir examines key moments in this movement and looks at what’s next, including a run for MP as part of the Meretz party. 1975 – The Beginning In 1975, “The […]

A Peek Into The Lives of Gay Asylum Seekers in Tel Aviv

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LGBT asylum seekers in Israel are one of the countries’ most ostracized groups, if not THE most ostracized. Eyal Migdalovich, founder of the Israeli LGBTQ Refugee and Asylum Seekers Program, writes about this at-risk population. Many asylum seekers and refugees  kept their LGBT identity an absolute secret during their tough escape from Africa to Israel. […]

Erev Kehila: Parents of LGBTQ kids need to come out of the closet, too.

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Rachel M. recently attended “Erev Kehila” a Jerusalem community event for religious families geared to parents and their LGBTQ children. She was moved to hear how parents quickly became advocates for their children. These are her reflections on the evening. “Parents of LGBTQ kids need to come out of the closet, too.” That sentence has […]