Hundreds march against transgender violence in Tel Aviv after teen stabbed

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Nearly 1,000 people marched in Tel Aviv Sunday night, with Ma’avarim – the Israeli trans organization, to denounce violence against Israel’s transgender community, in the wake of a suspected hate crime outside a local LGBTQ center that left a teenager seriously wounded. Under the banner “fighting for our lives,” marchers walked from the Florentine neighborhood […]

Under Pressure over Anti-Semitism, Dyke March Loses Legitimacy

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Last Friday, a coalition of LGBTQ, Jewish, and Feminist organizations, leaders and communities mobilized to ensure a safe and welcoming space for Jewish Dykes and allies at the DC Dyke March. Our proudly intersectional voices stood up for LGBTQ equality, both outside the movement and within it. We also stood staunchly against antisemitism and anti-Zionism––and […]

Israel 2019 Elections through a LGBTQ Lens

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This upcoming Israeli election on Tuesday, April 9th,  has high stakes for the LGBTQ community. The community is riding a wave of advocacy, culminating in last summer’s nationwide strike for equality which put LGBTQ issues front and center of the national dialogue. A new Knesset brings an opportunity to turn this momentum into further laws for […]

Anti-LGBTQ Incidents in Israel Doubled Over Past Year, Report Shows

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Anti-LGBTQ incidents rose dramatically in 2018, with a 54% increase in reported incidents of homophobia, the Aguda LGBTQ National Taskforce revealed in its annual Nir Katz report presented to President Rivlin. The Nir Katz Center report breaks down instances of harassment into eight categories, with 25% of incidents occurring in the public domain such as […]

Israel’s Supreme Court President Slams Anti-Gay Surrogacy Law

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Israel’s Supreme Court President Esther Hayut criticized the state’s position on surrogacy for gay fathers and said that the solutions that apply to women should also apply to men. “This could be blatantly unconstitutional,” she said in a hearing on a petition filed by  Etai and Yoav Pinkas-Arad that calls to amend Israel’s surrogacy law in […]

Israel’s Supreme Court Rules for Gay Parents in Birth Certificate Fight

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In a victory for same-sex parents, the High Court of Justice ruled on Wednesday that the Interior Ministry cannot refuse to write an adoptive parent’s name on a child’s birth certificate because of the parent’s sex. The ruling came in an appeal by two gay men who jointly adopted a son. They attempted to procure a birth […]