Catching Up With Michelle Chamuel Of ‘The Voice’

It’s been about a year since Jewish lesbian singer Michelle Chamuel came in second in The Voice, after her breakout run on the fourth season of the show.

On coming in second

“For me, it was a really happy moment. I feel like it worked out wonderfully. Coming in second is just, I mean — it’s funny, because people are like, ‘Oh, you didn’t get first,’ you know? And I’m like, ‘But I got second! That’s amazing! Like, I’m super pumped!’”

On staying true to herself

“No matter where you are — whether you just won the lottery, or met the person of your dreams, or you’re on stage and people are being supportive, and you’re learning and you have the best coach ever — whatever it is, you’re still you, and whatever work you’ve done to be comfortable with yourself, you know, you’re not really going to advance beyond that point unless you put in that work. There’s no magic fix. So, definitely still grappling with all of those things, and even after going — people are like, ‘Wow, what does it feel like? Is it, like, you know, a dream?’ And it’s like, it’s amazing, but at the same time, it’s similar to going to school or something. To some people, that’s, like a big dream — like, wow, you went to college, that’s incredible — you know, and it’s like, people have different opportunities, and I think it’s just — you’re always you, with your own insecurities.”

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