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Cantor Juval Blogs from A Wider Bridge’s Trip

Cantor Juval Porat, of LA’s LGBT synagogue Beth Chayim Chadashim, is part of the clergy in A Wider Bridge’s 2013 LGBT journey to Israel. In his personal blog he writes about his experiences in Israel. Below is the last entry- but you can go back to the blog in the coming days for more…

My 4th day in the land that is referred by some as “over-promised” and my second day since the official launch of the Wider Bridge trip. Gosh, the pace is insane. There’s a lot to process. Yesterday’s entry (the group meets, travels to the desert, etc.)will come soon. Today in a nutshell:

Massada. Dead Sea. I’m working my playlist on the bus as we leave desert antiquity towards Mediterranean modernity. Along Jerusalem our bus gets hit by stones thrown at us by kids. Uncomfortable and important moment. Dinner with glbt activists from the Likkud party, from the Yesh Atid Party and the Agudah. Amazing people. Amazing conversations. Discussion on Pinkwashing. Great food. Much more group members are now sitting next to each other in the bus, exchanging stories. I get to witness a community in the making. It’s a beautiful sight.

Go to Juval’s blog

Photos from Juval’s Twitter account:

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