Campaign “Equality is for All of Us”

Dozens of Israeli actors, media personalities, artists and community leaders were photographed over the past few weeks for a new campaign that is all about LGBT equality.

The campaign, which starts today, is titled “Equality is for All of Us,” and the goal is to signal to the Israeli government that they care about LGBT equality and support the community fight for it.

The campaign was produced by Equality is for All of Us forum and was photographed by Lior Kasson. The concept is similar to the famous NoH8 campaign: A good-quality head shot in a blue-and-white color scheme, referring to the color of the Israeli flag, with 2 white lines drawn on the cheeks.

Starting today, around 300 celebrities will change their profile photos on social media into the photo of the campaign, in order to create together a unique voice that comes “from the people” and to call on the Israeli government to treat the LGBT community equally.

Naturally, among the famous people who had their photo taken, many of the Israeli LGBT celebrities stood in the front line of this wonderful cause. Some of the names are: Amir Fay Guttman, Gill Hovav, Gal Uchovsky, Yigal Ravid and many others.

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From left to right: Amir Fay Guttman, Tziona Patriot, Eliad Cohen, Yehonathan Gatro, Elisha Alexander, Gil Hovav, Gal Uchovsky, Idan Matalon, Yigal Ravid. (Click on the photos for larger versions.)