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Campaign against gay conversion therapy

Activists from the Israeli gay religious organisation Hod have launched a “guerrilla” campaign against gay conversion therapy in some of Israel’s most religious neighborhoods.

The group, which aims to support gays and lesbians in the orthodox Jewish community, has placed posters on street objects with signs featuring the tagline: “Please love us as we are.”

In Tel Aviv’s most religious areas, the posters satirically suggest everyday items have been ‘converted.’

“Since it is impossible to advertise this message in conventional ultra-orthodox Haredi media, we have chosen to use guerrilla advertising as a simple and creative mean’s to deliver the message of how irrational conversation therapies actually are,” said Rabbi Ron Yosef, Hod’s director.

“Same as it is impossible to convert bicycles to cars, it is impossible to convert gays to straights,” he added.

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