Breaking Barriers Through Faith

Pastor Abraham Belanger with First Fruits Community Church held an interfaith meeting in Summerville, South Carolina. He discussed topics such as the Muslim ban and the Holocaust with Rabbi Greg Kanter of Kahol Kadash Beth Elohim Synagogue and Aisha Miller of the Central Mosque of Charleston and founder of Knowledge Erases Hate.

During a town-hall style meeting Sunday at the Masonic Lodge in Summerville, three panelists from different religious faiths left no stone unturned when it came to discussion topics. They touched on everything from the Muslim ban and terrorism to the Holocaust, Civil Rights movement and the president’s recent tweet about transgender people in the military.

Local leaders and members of the Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths comprised a panel and elaborated on shared struggles among the religions throughout history and in modern times. They also brainstormed solutions to religious and racial hatred.

Patrick Labbe, founder of the Summerville/North Area Jewish Community, served as moderator.

“I think this very panel is the answer,” said Rabbi Greg Kanter, an openly gay Jewish leader with the Kahol Kadash Beth Elohim Synagogue, a reformed Jewish congregation in Charleston.

“The more we know about each other the more we’re going to learn how much alike we are, and I think that’s going to break down some of those barriers. When you know someone…become friends with someone…you’re less ignorant, there’s less fear…and more brotherhood and sisterhood.”

A member of the Charleston area Muslim community, Aisha Miller agreed with Kanter that the only way to build unity is to “counteract the fear.” Continue reading in the Sommerville’s Journal Scene