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“Blush” From Israel to Screen at OutFest

New movie that is describe as the Israeli Blue Is the Warmest Color will be screened at this year OutFest, the Los Angeles International LGBT Film Festival.


The film is full of teen spirit, confidently directed and acted in a laconic, fluid style. Naama Barash is a typical, disaffected seventeen year old, whose life is largely a mystery to her parents. When they realize what Naama has kept to herself—her older sister has gone AWOL from the Israeli army—their frantic dis- traction allows her to conceal her powerful attraction to Hershko, the cool new girl in school who leads Naama into a hazy world of drugs and dance clubs. Naama plunges headlong into risky relationships and growing rebellion. But when she and Hershko hook up, clarity pervades Naama. Despite Hershko’s flighty nature, a certain emotional honesty flares between them. Shared laughter in response to tenderness. Sex approached clumsily. Yet Hershko has her own mystery. In the end, treacherous has more than one meaning.

Watch the trailer here:

More details on the BCC-LA website