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Bisexuality to Headline Pride 2017

At a meeting held Wednesday, it was officially announced that bisexuality will headline Pride 2017 events in Israel as a central theme.

The choice of theme was made in cooperation with the public through an online voting system on leading LGBT website, WDG. With the closing of the voting, the results were presented during the meeting to representatives of all the LGBT organizations in Israel, and meeting participants were able to ask questions.

At the end of the discussion the voting took place. Each representative was given an equal voice.

At the end of the organizations voting there was a tie between the top two issues – 19 votes for Veteran LGBT People (Community Heritage), and 19 votes for bisexuality. The results of the public survey determined in favor of bisexuality..

This is the second time the public has participated in the process of choosing the theme to accompany the Pride events in Israel. Last year the theme “Women in the community” was chosen in a similar procedure, and the theme “Veterans in the Community” ended up in the fourth place.

In Israel, most of the people who identify as bisexual claim to live in the closet, because society – which means both the straight and gay communities – don’t take bisexuality seriously and claim it’s ‘just a phase.’ “We need This in order for people to stop assuming that we are gay, lesbian or straight,” the bi community writes. “We need it so that people who are outside of our community will ask themselves,’maybe I am bi, too?’”

The chosen theme will be reflected in various areas of visibility during gay pride events, in the parades and various activities throughout the country. In addition, the community organizations will integrate the topic into their activities, as happened last year. Also, the Pride events management intends to hold a meeting of mayors in different cities in the country to connect them to the subject, as well as a meeting of all the organizers of the pride parade around the country in order to produce joint thinking and organizing.