“Bibi, Join the March”

A Facebook campaign launched by MK Michal Rozin calls for Israel’s prime minister to express his support for the gay community and join the parade in Jerusalem

MK Michal Rozin launches social media hashtag #BibiJoinTheMarch, ביבי_בוא_לצעוד#

The silence of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in light of the events taking place in the past couple of weeks is grating to many in the LGBT community. Netanyahu chooses to ignore the words of rabbis, educators and members of the military who incite against the LGBT community and who call LGBT people perverts and sick.

In a post on Facebook MK Michal Rosin detailed what the LGBT community has been through last week, and suggests the ultimate way in which Netanyahu can compensate for his silence – to come and march with the community and its supporters at the Jerusalem pride parade:

“Benzi Gopstein called on the public last night, asking them to ‘stop the Gay Pride Parade’ in Jerusalem. The violent attacks of the people from LEHAVA organization in the past prove that people listen to Benzi Gopstein and his call may also fall, God forbid, on the ears of the next Yishai Schlissel. The murder of the late Shira Banki was a tragic police default and we must learn a lesson from it, so I went immediately to Minister Gilad Erdan with the requirement to take all possible measures to ensure the safety and security of the women and men who will march in the parade in Jerusalem. We will not tolerate another default.

“In the past week the Israeli government and law enforcement authorities missed several opportunities to prove to us that the blood of the LGBT community is not allowed. I will not let history repeat itself because of a bunch of cowards that because of a radical electorate chooses to risk a whole public.

“The silence of the Prime Minister and his ministers on the words of Col. Karim and “Rabbi” Yigal Levinstein, is a direct continuation of the Schlissel legacy. And you know what? I’m tired of halachic quibbling here or coalition considerations there – it’s time to lay the cards on the table: the government and its arms give unequivocal backup to violence, to mute and pursuit of the gay community. Netanyahu and his ministers continue to pander to the inciters, the extremist rabbis and to the LEHAVA organization, and don’t take responsibility for the murderous consequences of burying their heads in the sand. Why? Because they simply don’t care about the gay community – that’s the truth, that’s the painful reality. The only way that our “liberal” prime minister boasts of with the community is on the world stage in a pathetic attempt to justify “the only democracy in the Middle East”. But this same community he chooses to leave without rights, the community he exposes to violence and even to murder!

“This silence is allowing the gay community’s blood and gives victory to the extremists – that’s what happens when government ministers are puppets who have no public responsibility. Until we see them march and support the community and give a clear message of tolerance, as long as we continue to get the general and meaningless messages but won’t get true protection – we know that behind the statements that “every human being is created in the image”, there’s truly nothing.

The Free Israel movement also called out Prime Minister Netanyahu to stop his silence about the incitement against the gay community over the past week. “The silence of Netanyahu against incitement and allowing the blood of the gay community in Israel will lead to the next disaster,’ says Mickey Gitzin, CEO of Free Israel. “It can’t be that senior members of the rabbinic and military explicitly agitate against an entire population of Israel and the Prime Minister does not see fit to speak on the subject. Last week’s events reflect the depth of the process in Israeli society, of dark rabbis who get to power positions in public organizations and deliberately work to reduce the freedoms of the citizens of Israel. It is no coincidence, it is a well-planned political move and the prime minister is silent because it serves his political needs. This incitement will end in murder again, and the prime minister will have to give answers.”