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Bell Agam is ‘Educator of the Year’

The Council of Children and Youth Organizations, together with the Israeli Ministry of Education, selected transgender TV personality Bell Agam as “Educator of the Year” for her work with LGBTQ youth at IGY.


Bell Agam, who volunteers at IGY to guide and support transgender and genderqueer youth, was one of 20 educators to receive 2018’s “Educator of the Year,” from The Council of Children and Youth Organizations, Israeli website Walla! reports.

Representatives from the Israeli Ministry of Education also took part in the selection.

“The selection committee found Bell’s work inspiring, worthy of appreciation and recognition, as a pioneer in providing a first of its kind informal educational solution in Israel to transgender youth,” wrote the committee.

“[Bell comes from the understanding that] through youth organizations, social and moral values ​​can reinforce the personal abilities, the self-image and the sense of belonging, responsibility and social solidarity among youth.”

The reality star, whose daily work is organizing bachelorette parties, has been outspoken about her care for LGBTQ youth and their future. In her volunteering work at IGY, Bell had established a support group for transgender girls who are at the beginning of a sex change process or are considering such a change.

Bell Agam is becoming one of the most sought-after guests on Israeli talk shows, after stealing the screen earlier this year in the Israeli docu-reality TV program ‘Goalstars,’ which forms soccer team of celebrities. Her TV career kicked off as a contestant in the reality TV show Project Y in 1999, based on the format of the hit TV show “The Big Brother.”