Beer Sheva: LGBT Community Goes to High Court to Get Permission for Pride Parade

Dramatic development in Beer Sheva: According to Israeli news website Ynet, representatives of the LGBT community petitioned the high court against the police after the city changed its mind about giving permission to hold a pride parade.

Beer Sheva’s Pride 2016 Poster, titled “The Proud Revolution: [Demanding] equality, budget, tolerance.”

The petition, filed by attorney Avner Pinchuk and attorney Sharona Eliahu-Chai from the Israeli ACRI, on behalf of Beer Sheva’s LGBT center, claimed that on Sunday the city’s chief rabbi met with the Southern District Police Commander and with Mayor Rubik Danilovich, pressured them with threats and demanded the parade be pushed to a closed area and side streets that are not prominent.

On Facebook, the Beer Sheva LGBT Center published the full development, according to which, in the meeting, the chief rabbi referred to Gay Pride as an “abomination parade,” and threatened the resignation of all the members of the religious parties in the city council coalition (Shas and Habayit Hayehudi).

“Do you want to hear the truth?,” wrote the LGBT center. “The municipality and the police (in Beer Sheva) don’t have the values-backbone to stand up for our rights as residents of the city to demonstrate – both succumbed to political pressure from the ultra-Orthodox parties and left it to the high court decision to take away their responsibility. So what if we are citizens who act completely voluntarily, pay out of our pockets and are hazed left and right just in order to make our voices be heard. It’s convenient for the municipality to wash the homophobia in this city in phrases such as ‘the parade will interfere with the special character of the city.'”

Organizers insist that this year there will be a pride parade in Beer Sheva, and it will be a protest-like pride, not party-like. “The parade will call for equality, tolerance and fair budgeting for the community in the city. We’ve been quiet for long enough! Now the whole country should hear about it!”

The discussion in Jerusalem High Court was scheduled for tomorrow (Wednesday) at 11:30am, if the police does not respond until tonight at 7:30pm.