Barney Frank Warns America’s Respect for All Religious Traditions is Endangered

The Gay Jewish former-congressman says that one of the great threats in America is this recurring notion that we are “a Christian nation,” and that Jews should accept this imposition gracefully


“I’m glad to be here,” said master pontificator and former legendary congressman Barney Frank, at the DNC Jewish Roundtable in the Philadelphia Convention Center on July 28th. “I would even be gladder if this was in the same place as the Convention,” he grudgingly continued. “The idea of having two Convention halls several miles apart is farkacht!”

“We in the Jewish community have been the beneficiary of support from a wide range of groups who have come to our defense against bigotry and anti-Semitism, and one of the great threats is this recurring notion that we are a Christian nation, and we should accept this imposition gracefully,” he said.

“I was once chairing the all-night session of the House of Representatives in my junior years, and a Republican representative was talking about the need for a school prayer amendment. He said, “We are, after all, a Christian nation.”

Frank paused. “I asked him, ‘If this is a Christian nation, why did you drag this Jew out of bed to get here to listen to all of you?’” The crowd roared at another inimitable Frankicism.

“The fact is,” Frank continued, “the defense of America as a nation with no official ideology with respect for all traditions has been very important to us. And — it is one that is now endangered,” he added.

“We are often those who are most negatively hurt by it,” Frank warned the assembled, alluding to a certain sentiment that formed after World War II, and, before that, “a series of things that happened in the 30s, when America was officially anti-Semitic, and pro-Christian — even skeptical of Catholics.”

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