Back to School: Help Bring Social Justice & LGBTQ Equality to the Classroom

September is just around the corner, which means a new academic year is approaching. But schools aren’t always the ideal space for self-expression, and for some folks in the LGBT community, that could bring on some anxiety.

There has been a national push for LGBT equality lately, and you — students, teachers, administrators— can help bring social justice to schools.

Whether you’re able to commit hours every day or just a few minutes of your time, there are ways for you to be an advocate for LGBT folks, and make your school a stronger, fully inclusive community and a safe space for all students.

  1. Start a GSA or other LGBT advocacy student group.

This is probably one of the most direct ways you can create LGBT spaces in your school community. It’s not just about the group of students coming together for support, though. In forming a GSA, you will find teachers and administrators that support your cause, and they can be powerful allies in your push for inclusion.

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