Back at the Supreme Court

Five years after Etai Pinkas and his husband Yoav Arad filed a precedential plea to the Israeli Supreme Court, asking it to obligate the Israeli Health Ministry to provide them surrogacy health services, they are back in court, this time with a much more general petition.


“This time, we are accompanied by our three daughters, petitioning against the state demanding Israel to allow surrogacy for gays and single women (which is the revised definition of single-parent families),” announced Etai on his Facebook page.

“After the dissolution of the Knesset and the understanding that it’s unlikely to pass a law appropriately, we decided to ask the Supreme Court to eliminate the discrimination and choose equality,” explains Pinkas. “It is inconceivable that individual women and gay couples will be forced to travel abroad in order to have children, while the process exists in Israel but we can’t access it.”

Pinkas and Arad’s partners in filing this petition are the organization Avot Ge’im (Gay Fathers) headed by Udi Ledergor, Doron Mamet from Tammuz, and a gay couple and two individual women who want to become parents – all with moving personal stories. “Attorney Hagai Kalai, who as a student was a member of the Clinic at Tel Aviv University and who was led by the now-judge Dori Spivak, wrote an excellent petition – and represents all of us here,” concludes Etai. “We hope to solve a difficult problem for many people in the country.”