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AWB Stands with McGill Student Against Campus Antisemitism

Jordyn Wright (Facebook)

A Wider Bridge stands in solidarity with McGill University student Jordyn Wright who is being targeted for her Jewish and pro-Israel identities. Jordyn is being pressured to resign as Student Society President should she take a planned trip to Israel with Hillel. This blatant antisemitism echoes McGill’s shameful past and illustrates its current toxic environment for Jewish, pro-Israel students.

We call upon the McGill University administration to denounce all forms of Antisemitism and anti-Zionism on campus and take firm action against the Student Government members who are bullying Jordyn Wright.

A Wider Bridge’s Communication Director Ronit Bezalel, who is a McGill Alumna (BA Honors) states that “as a proud McGill Alumna, this is shameful. McGill should live up to its reputation as one of Canada’s leading institutions for higher learning and take decisive steps to foster a climate of inclusivity, rather than fear, for all students.”  

Read Jordyn Wright’s statement here.