AWB Impact: The Next Step in Bridge Building

In 2017, we’re taking our bridge building to a new level by introducing AWB Impact, a way for LGBTQ people and allies around the world to crowd fund emerging projects in the Israeli LGBTQ community.

Six years ago, A Wider Bridge sponsored our very first national tour of Israeli LGBTQ Leaders, featuring representatives from Israel’s Orthodox Israeli LGBTQ community. Today, two of the community’s current leaders return to the U.S. to share the incredible progress they’ve made building visibility and acceptance in religious communities.  Over the next two weeks, we will be bringing their work to cities across the U.S. – and we hope AWB Impact will make it easier for more of our community to support their work.

Our first AWB Impact crowd funding effort will support the Orthodox Visibility Project, an effort to engage media read by religious Israelis, in print and online, with positive representations of LGBTQ people. You’ll find more information about the project and how to support here.

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As always, we hope if you’re in town for one of our receptions that you’ll join us to meet the activists. If not, we hope you’ll lend your support through AWB Impact from wherever you call home, to advance the work of our partners in Israel.