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Assi Azar Vs. MK Stav Shafir

On Wednesday after we learned that the bill of MK Shafir, meant to allow same-sex marriage, did not pass in the Knesset, (a majority of 51 opponents to 19 supporters), Shafir expressed her displeasure on Facebook.

In a very harsh statement she published against the Yesh Atid party, the MK wrote on behalf of the Labor Party that “Yesh Atid has dropped my bill … Knesset members who repeatedly declared their support for the gay community today prevented the immediate equal rights you deserve. And they are not alone: ​​even Prime Minister Netanyahu came in the middle of voting to oppose gay marriage – and then left the hall. ”

She added that, “This bill is the product of serious work of the Pride Cell of the Labor Party and a cooperation between the party and MKs from the coalition, such as David Tzur (Hatnuah) and Miri Regev (Likud). At the Tel Aviv Pride Parade, when members of Yesh Atid proudly declared their achievements for the gay community, do not forget how they voted today, “wrote Shafir. “Just ask yourself where the civil marriage law they promised you just a year ago, at the previous pride parade, go.”

Someone who didn’t like the words of the young MK was TV host Assi Azar, who is also an activist in the gay youth organization, IGY. Azar commented against Shafir with harsh words on his Twitter account (followed by tens of thousands of followers) – “Stav Shafir is a bad bad bad woman.” Then he took to Facebook for a detailed explanation, writing that in his opinion, Shafir is “exploiting the gay community in a cynical and disappointing way. She knew her bill would not pass today, and she also knows that Yesh Atid has done a lot for the LGBT community, as opposed to what she’s done.”

Azar continued and counted the achievements of Yesh Atid, including surrogacy law, significantly increasing the budget for gay youth organizations, and more.

Stav Shafir did not respond to Azar’s comments.


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