Arab-Israeli wins second place at ‘Miss Trans’ international pageant, says she found peace

Israeli Talleen Abu Hanna came in second place at the Miss Trans Star International Pageant. But for the 21-year-old, the possibility to compete already felt like a win.


“Here all of us are winners already, we won our life,” Abu Hanna said, according to AFP. The Israeli representative hopes her experience can inspire other Arabs, who may feel trapped “inside a cage.”

“I became a woman and I found peace between my body and my soul,” she said.

Abu Hanna, who won Israel’s first Miss Trans competition in May, has spoken highly of her home country.

“Our country allowed me, a Christian Arab from Nazareth, to end the war between my soul and my body. So if it made peace for me, our country is only a country of peace,” Abu Hanna said in May, according to Haaretz.

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