Arab Israeli Supreme Court Justice Salim Joubran Retired

Salim Joubran, the first Arab judge appointed to the Israeli Supreme Court, retired Thursday at the compulsory retirement age of 70. Joubran, who represented the views of Israel’s Arab minority, always found himself in the minority on these issues.

The conservative Christian Joubran was surprisingly tolerant of the LGBT community, which some claim had to do with the influence of his most favorite clerk, a homosexual attorney. In 2013, Joubran ruled to cut a third of the sentence of a transgender woman who was in mid-change when she was convicted of armed robbery—accepting the argument that life in prison would be unreasonably difficult because the entire sentence was being served in isolation. In 2014, Joubran forced the state’s census officials to register a gay couple as parents of a child who had been born via a surrogacy procedure in the US. Read the full story on the Jewish Press