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Andy Cohen, Bravo’s executive vice president of development and talent and host of Watch What Happens Live!, knows what makes for good television. So TV Guide turned to him for picking the best TV shows of the moments: Friday Night Lights (“I want Riggins to be my freakin’ defensive end”), Mad Men (“I’m obsessed with Joan’s figure”) and Downton Abbey (“I haven’t figured out how they go to the bathroom”). Here’re some of his picks:

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: “There’s nothing that Jimmy can’t do — he can sing, he can dance, he can be in skits, he’s a gamer. To me it’s just the freshest thing in late night — except for Watch What Happens Live, of course — and I just love it. I think Jimmy is infectious. He’s fun, he’s an enthusiast, I like his suits, I like his hair, I like his smile. He’s just the best. I love him.”

The New Normal: “I just think it’s smart and funny and fresh and Ryan Murphy plucked my girl Nene Leakes from Housewives. I’m just so proud of her and happy for her. It also stars Ellen Barkin, who’s a good friend of mine, who’s hilarious playing kind of an Archie Bunker type. It’s really well-written and sharp and funny. It’s great.”

60 Minutes: “It is one of the only shows on television that celebrates hard-hitting journalism. It’s smart, it teaches you about things you didn’t know you cared about, or were interested in. It’s one of the few shows on TV that sets the agenda; it doesn’t follow the agenda. When you see something about Afghanistan, you know, wait a minute, I should care about it, and they tell you why. It’s not flashy, it doesn’t have sound effects or quick cuts. It’s very simple and brilliant storytelling and writing done by the best in the business.”

Mad Men: “There’s nothing I don’t love about Mad Men. I thought this last season was their best season and one of the best seasons of any show on TV ever. It took you to very unusual places, like Roger Sterling’s acid trip. They prostituted Joan to get that big client! To me it’s like a moving painting. I can watch it on mute and it calms me down. The clothes are gorgeous, the people are gorgeous. I’m obsessed with Joan’s figure. Matthew Weiner is really the star of that show. What he comes up with every week is incredible.”

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