Andy Cohen on Marriage Equality, Finding a Womb, and Eloping With Young Journalists

The talk show host and author of The Andy Cohen Diaries: A Deep Look at a Shallow Year sat down with Out to discuss his partnership with the W Hotels marriage equality initiative, Turn It Up for Change, which hosted an event for the release of Jennifer Hudson’s new music video, “I Still Love You”, in support of same-sex marriage in all 50 states and the Human Rights Campaign.


How did you get involved with the Turn It Up for Change campaign and the Human Rights Campaign?

I’m a big supporter of HRC. I love the Turn It Up for Change campaign that they’re doing with W Hotels. And I also love [staying at] the W Hotels, actually. So that’s a great partnership. And I love JHud. So I’m happy to be promoting the cause, which is marriage equality, and getting people to understand, and hoping that this thing passes at the end of June.

Have you worked with HRC in the past?

I’ve been honored by HRC in the past. I’ve hosted things for them. And I’ve given money to them.

That’s important. So speaking of gay marriage, do you have any plans to get married any time soon?

Well, I have to fall in love first. After I fall in love, yeah, I would like to get married.


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