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Anat Nir

AnatNir-Featured-1Anat Nir has been an activist, social entrepreneur and publicist in Israel’s LGBTQ community for over 15 years.

At the age of 21, Anat was the initiator and owner of “Makom”, one of the very first lesbian bars in Tel Aviv. During its yearlong activity, her bar became known throughout the community and drew the attention of many partygoers. However, homophobic circumstances brought to its early closing, raising Anat’s devotion to the gay struggle.

Along with her business partner, Dana Ziv, under the brand “Dana ve Anat”, she organized numerous lesbian events including the Lethal Lesbian Film Festival, thus becoming one of the leading and influential characters of Tel Aviv’s LGBTQ cultural sphere.

Anat produced the Pride Parade in Tel Aviv from 2012-2009, the Be’er Sheva Pride Parade in 2011  and other large-scale events including the “MOTHER Festival” – an international festival of contemporary music and art as well as Peaches and Ms. Kittins’ concerts in Israel.

Anat was also nominated as Director of the Lesbian Segment in Tel Aviv Gay Vibe, a tourism campaign sponsored by Tel Aviv Municipality and the Ministry of Tourism. This international project includes global advertisement and international event production.

Anat also served as Chief Marketing Officer of the “Feminanci” college, a unique academy empowering women financially to advance equality between genders.

Anat was also a lieutenant in the Israel Defense Forces, serving as a squad commander for recruits and a platoon commander in the school of aviation, training future aircrews and technicians. In addition, she served as a training development officer in the IDF ground forces. She holds a B.A. in business management and marketing from the New England College in Tel Aviv and an M.A. in gender and peacebuilding from the UN University in San José.

In 2017, Anat sold her stake in her production company to contend for a place on the Meretz party list for the Knesset.



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