Amir Fryszer Guttman Celebrates 40th Birthday Following Cancer Diagnosis

In a birthday post on his Facebook page, popular gay Israeli singer Amir Fryszer Guttman, who was recently diagnosed with cancer, thanked yesterday the medical team at Ichilov hospital. He also thanked the support from the public and his family: “You are my anchor and thanks to you I sleep well at night.” Guttman’s husband Yanay Fryszer wished him health: “I want us to grow old together.”

Amir, with son Roy, in the hospital

After a hospitalization of more than a month, Amir Fryszer-Guttman was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer three weeks ago and celebrated his 40th birthday in the hospital. “As of this moment I’m 40. WTF?!?!?”, he wrote on Facebook and thanked the medical staff of the Ichilov hospital. “They are determined and sensitive, and together we will win in a few months.”

The singer also thanked his family and fans. “Thanks to my family and my dear friends who have become part of my family. You are my anchor and thanks to you I sleep well At night. Thank you also to everyone who texts me, sending treats, thoughts and prayers. I have never experienced such an amount of support. It moves me and it’s not taken for granted,” he signed.

Yanai Fryszer, husband of Amir, also referred to his spouse’s 40th birthday in a post of his own. “I wish us many more years together, to grow old together like we wanted. We will see our little Roy under the Chuppah… and we will continue to devour life and this world,” Yanay wrote.

“You are my life, we are connected by veins,” continued Yanay. “When you hurt, I’m hurt, when you cry, I cry … this is not how I wanted to celebrate your 40th birthday. I would do anything to make this go away, to help you get well, to wake up from this nightmare. Just be healthy because I want to grow old with you.”

Following the cancer treatments the planned reunion of Fryszer-Guttman’s band Hi Five has been postponed. Fryszer wrote on the importance of health and love. “Very few times we stop our mad race of life to truly appreciate our bodies, our health, our relationship and everything we have built. I hope that we’ll be able to look back at this a few years from now and it will be like a bad dream, behind us.”