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Amazon Buys Assi Azar’s Show ‘The Baker And The Beauty’

Romantic comedy ‘The Baker and the Beauty,’ created by Assi Azar, to reach global viewers later this year.

Amazon Studios has picked up the global rights to the Israeli comedy Lihiyot Ita, which goes by the name The Baker and the Beauty in English. Amazon will stream the original version of the show, with subtitles suited to each region.

The show, created by Assi Azar, follows the life of Amos Dahari, who works in his family business and lives with his parents, and Noa Hollander, an international supermodel and heir to a family hotel fortune.

The pair, of course, meet cutely and fall madly in love, despite their hugely different backgrounds. With Amos’s entertaining and interfering family and Noa’s demanding career, things get both prickly and hilarious.

Azar, one of the most popular Israeli TV hosts and personalities, created the show in part based on his background, growing up in a Yemenite family in Holon. It is no secret that Azar originally created the show for his friend and international supermodel Bar Refaeli. But when Refaeli backed out at the last minute, it left Azar down both a lead star and a friend. The pair have never reconciled; the first season aired in 2013. Read the full story in the Jerusalem Post

Days before the news broke, Azar gave an up-close and intimate interview to Israeli website Walla.

Currently running ‘The Beauty and the Baker,’ having nation-wide TV ads, hosting a new dance show and ‘The Rising Star’ and with another new show in the making, Azar said he sometime worries about being overexposed in the public eye in Israel. “When I started hosting Big Brother there was a very good review about me in the papers, and they said how fresh I was compared to Erez, my co-host,” Assi said, “and I remember that my parents were over the moon. I told them, ‘don’t get too excited, it’s a graph, today I’m on the rise, but in a year it will go down,’ and indeed, recently there was a review on The Rising Star that was so good about my then-new co-host Rotem Sela, that they said ‘who needs Assi Azar when we have Rotem?’ I wasn’t surprised by it. This is how it works.”

Assi also revealed that the main female character  in his show was somehow based on himself. “When we got to writing the character I thought to myself, ‘take how are you perceived by others,  and turn it into the character’ and funnily enough, she came out as a self centered bitch.”

In relation to the gay community, Assi said in the interview that he feels that he’s very well connected to the community. “I totally feel that I’m an ambassador to the community,” he said. “I promote and represent the community and I don’t feel I have to get a permit from anyone in order to do so. There are things that I do better, there are things that I do worse, I’m not free of mistakes and I don’t think I should be perfect. I feel connected to my gay identity, and I’m proud of who I am.”