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All Members of Israeli Boyband Come Out

All three members of Israeli singing trio “Boyband” have decided to put an end to the fans’ rumors and come out together: “We don’t want to lie to our audience.”

‘Boyband,’ the singing-and-dancing Israeli trio, released their debut single in 2014 and since then have been growing under the radar, gaining more fans and building a substantial number of followers.

On Thursday, all three band members, Oded Sabag, Tzachi Musa and Shahaf Axelrod decided to come out together and expose their sexual identity to their fans in an interview on the primetime entertainment show Good Evening With Guy Pines. “There were always rumors among fans,” Moussa said in the interview about the decision.

For all three, it was in fact a second coming out, because in their personal lives their friends and family members already know about their sexual identity, but they had not made formal statements on the matter until now, and the songs they released were all love songs for women.

After the broadcast of the tv interview, Shahaf wrote, “I was often told [by people in the industry] that I should not talk about being gay.”

“Anyone who finds this as reason for hatred towards me, I still love him,” he added, “because the reason is simply ignorance or homophobia, which is fear of people like me. And I don’t want them to fear me because I am a child of love.”