All-Girl Soccer Team Reality Show Casts Transgender Rights Advocate

Longtime transgender rights advocate Bell Agam joins an all-girl celebrity soccer team in the new season of Israeli popular reality show.


The new season of the popular Israeli soccer reality show ‘Goalstar’ is emerging as one of the most intriguing things that will land on the Israeli TV screen in 2017. After a decision to go only with a female cast this year, the producers of the program now decided to also cast a transgender woman, Bell Agam.

Bell Agam works as a host of bachelorette parties around Israel. She is mostly known for starring in another reality show ‘Project Y’ (similar to Big Brother) more than a decade ago, and frequently appears in the media as part of her struggle for transgender equality in Israel. She also has a day job at IGY, in which she helps transgender youth at the beginning of their transgender process.

‘Goalstar’ is a prime-time docu-reality show in Israel created and produced by ADD Agency for Hot Cable Network. The reality show follows the activities of a soccer team combined with celebrities. In every episode, the team goes through a different shared experience, including training and preparation for a game. The show also follows the game itself and the reactions afterwards. The team is coached by Yehoshua Feigenbaum, a veteran soccer coach and a well known player.

“It’s more than a month now that I had to keep it as a secret,” Bell commented on her Facebook page. “I’m proud, happy and excited to join the all-girl team in ‘Goalstar.’ See you on the soccer field!”