The Aguda Gives Micro-Grants to LGBT Activities

The Israeli National LGBT Task Force sets up an economic encouragement fund to encourage development and social entrepreneurship of community activities


Israel’s LGBT community provides an extensive number of community and social activities: parties and concerts, evening lectures and board games meetings, introductions and support meetings. Many of these activities are the private initiative of community members who want to create additional platforms for social activities.

Many of these activities are initiated by private entrepreneurs who need to raise private funds to bring their plans to fruition. This is why the Aguda, the Israeli National LGBT Task Force, decided to set up an economic encouragement fund to encourage development and social entrepreneurship community activities that will distribute grants to groups, organizations and individuals that promote community activities and give thousands of NIS a year in order to promote the visibility of LGBT people across Israel, to provide a response to the various needs of the community in different regions of the country and to strengthen the community all across Israel.

“There are lots of volunteers across the country who want to give of themselves and their time, but they lack the financial resources to maintain activities,” says Oded Frid, Executive Director of the Aguda,. “When I visited various regions in Israel I heard that sometimes the only difference between having a community meeting and giving up on it is the cost of renting a room for the activity in the local community center, or the amount needed to print flyers and posters to advertise the event. We want to help all those who promote community activities, and we hope that the micro-grants we give away will encourage widespread community activities.”

Who can apply for a grant?

“Any organization, group or individual wishing to hold social activities for the community is welcome to apply.”

What is the process of the application?

“The application process is easy, simple and convenient. The first stage is an on-line questionnaire on the Aguda’s website, that includes the details of the applicant, the proposed activity and the budget requested. The announcement of the grant acceptance or rejection will be made at the latest 45 days after submission of the application.”

How do you decide who gets the grant?

“The Aguda will form a committee, to be convened every month, and it will examine the applications submitted in the past month. The criteria for receiving the grant will be the same for all requests and the committee will work in full transparency. The Fund will give preference to activities taking place in a geographic, cultural or economic periphery, and to continuous activities.”

What is the grant amount that can be obtained?

“The first phase will fund grants in the amount of up to NIS 500 per project, and there is a limit of three months in a row for supporting a project.”

Where does the fund come from?

“Grants Fund was established with the help of the US organization A Wider Bridge. The Aguda aims to increase the amount of the grants, and we will be happy to receive requests from individuals and businesses who agree to contribute to the community to increase the Fund”.

“The success of other organizations, new groups and local private activities is the success of all of us as a community, and our job is to encourage and help as much as we can,” concludes Frid. “We see encouraging community activity as an integral part of our job as an organization representing the community.”