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After the Strike: The Aguda Releases LGBTQ Equality Demands

The Aguda Israeli LGBTQ Task Force has just released its list of demands from the government, following the heels of the Aguda’s extremely successful nationwide LGBTQ strike for equality. Six areas of policy are listed, including safety, families, education, financing, health equality and welfare reform.

Over 100k attended the LGBTQ strike rally in Tel Aviv on July 22, 2018.

The LGBTQ community in Israel fights for full equality, freedom and for the elimination of the discrimination against it in law.

We see freedom and equality of rights as essential and believe that all humans are born free and equal. We believe that this value and principle perception is well established in the base of Israeli society and is supported by the majority of the public. Therefore, we demand the following, in the spirit of equality values that are manifested in the declaration of independence and by the state’s obligation to see equality as a distinctive lawful right;

1. Preventing crime and violence against the LGBTQ community
A. Enhancing the treatment and punishment for LGBTQ hate crime
B. Completion of the law of interpretation
C. Amendment to the procedure of sex change in ID card
D. Legislation of the ban on conversion therapy

2. Recognition of LGBTQ families
A. Amendment of the law of surrogacy
B. Equality in parenthood registration for LGBTQ couples
C. A law of adoption options in and out of state
D. Equality and recognition of same-sex couples

3. Adjusting welfare services to LGBTQ population
A. Developing an array of adjusted targeted responses in addition to the existing responses to the issues that arise in the transgender community, LGBTQ people in the Arab and Hassidic sectors and the LGBTQ people in the prostitution circle.
B. Developing a program to integrate transgender people into the employment market.

4. Equality in health
A. Expansion and regulation of the activity of the gender adjustment unit, including the allocation of operating room hours
B. Inclusion of the subsidy for sex change surgeries that do not include genitalia
C. Establishing a procedure for treatment of transgender people in mental health clinics
D. The inclusion of PreP and new life-improving medications for HIV+ people in the health basket

5. Education for Tolerance and Acceptance of the LGBTQ Community
A. Writing and implementing a document that states the way to deal with the LGBT community in general and especially transgender people in the education system, including in the religious education system.
B. Insertion of LGBTQ content into the curriculum in the education institutes and in relevant academic institutes
C. Existence of compulsory LGBTQ education to educators, academic lecturers, therapists and public services professionals.

6. Allocation of resources
A. The Establishment of a specific budgetary regulation for activities of the organizations of the LGBTQ community.
B. Increasing the budgets allocated to the gay community to at least NIS 50 million, with an emphasis on the golden age, the periphery and disadvantaged populations.